Drug Free Workplace Services

Drug Free Workplace Services

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Every organization should have supervisors who are able to appropriately and effectively identify substance abuse on the job. Employee drug and alcohol testing cannot be performed based on a mere hunch. Reasonable Suspicion Training delivers the necessary tools and skills to recognize and appropriately handle employees exhibiting signs of substance abuse.This program will prepare supervisors for determining whether or not reasonable suspicion exists and what to do when they suspect it.

 Drug Free Policy Development

Employers should have written policies for many things, and a substance abuse policy is no exception. In many cases, a written drug-free workplace policy is required by federal regulations, or in order to qualify for insurance discounts or government contracts.

Creating a drug free workplace policy can be overwhelming. Whether you write the drug free workplace policy yourself, or hire a consultant to do it for you, you will have to make some decisions about the drug free workplace policy.

On-Site Drug Testing

On-site drug testing is when a collector meets your employees on site, whether it’s an office, work site, or even an emergency room, to conduct the testing. On-site drug testing is a growing part of our business.

Background Checks

When making personnel decisions – including hiring, retention, promotion, and reassignment – employers should consider the backgrounds of applicants and employees. In addition to a drug test, you will want to do a background check for work history, education, criminal record, and possibly include a credit check. Except for certain restrictions related to medical and genetic information, it’s not illegal for an employer to ask questions about an applicant’s or employee’s background, or to require a background check.


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22 July 2019


Drug and Alcohol Testing