Online Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

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OSHA Regulation 1910.134 requires workers who use respirators to be screened by a medical professional.  You may find a video of the OSHA Medical Evaluation Requirements here - VideoVideo.

Our On-Line Respirator Medical Screening will provide you or your employees with a complete, compliant medical screening. 

Features of the On-Line Respirator Medical Screening:

Available in English and Spanish.

Reviewed by a licensed medical professional.

Immediate results available.

HIPPA Compliant.

Results automatically emailed to company administrator.

How Does It Work?

   It's easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Enter the amount of medical screenings you need and add them to the cart. 
  2. Once you complete and submit your order we will send you the link and password to access the on-line respirator medical questionnaire.
  3. You and your employees can logon using the information, and complete the evaluations. 
  4. The results will be reviewed by a medical professional, and results provided immediately. 
  5. In some limited cases, follow up may be required to obtain more information about a candidates questionnaire.  In a few instances, candidates may be required to get a physical from a local doctor.

Who Reviews The Medical Questionnaire?

We have partnered with Vest Medical to provide this service.  Their medical directors are board certified in Emergency Medicine and are practicing physicians.  They review the medical information and provide clearance for employees to perform work using respirators.

Who Has Access To The Medical Information?

The information is transmitted through a secure connection.  Only the health care professional will have access to the candidates medical information.  The employer will only receive notification of the status of the application.

To Purchase the MEQ please use our contact form here:

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