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Safety assessments and audits are proactive management practices that tell you where the problems are rather than waiting for an incident to occur.

A strong assessment and audit component is one of the key characteristics of a best-in-class safety management system. Looking for and finding failures in your management system helps you to improve your program and prevent incidents, avoid regulatory fines and citations, and lower your Workers' Compensation rates.

Your Safety Department, LLC has designed health, safety, and environmental assessments which go beyond achieving mere compliance with regulatory requirements. Our attention to detail is why businesses trust us to cover their health, safety, and environmental needs.

Safety Assessments help to assure that the Safety Management System in use meets the applicable regulatory criteria, assures that operations and operational experience are consistent with the safety and regulatory basis, and assures the safety of any proposed modifications to the operational standards.

We do this by following these Safety Audit Steps:

  1. Determine the area to be audited
  2. Develop or acquire an audit format based on the needs of the company. (no generic audit format will exactly fit the needs of any one company.)
  3. Set up a pre-audit conference with all collaborating personnel and discuss the scope and purpose of the audit.
  4. Conduct the audit, based upon a predetermined evaluation system i.e. records reviews, observations, and interviews.
  5. Compare the audit to the standards of performance.
  6. Report to management and discuss gaps in performance and opportunities for improvement where identified.
  7. Suggest corrective and preventive actions along with completion dates with management.
  8. Follow up to ensure that changes have been made as agreed.

Your Company may well be at risk of regulatory citations, or worse yet, a serious or debilitating injury that could cost your business millions.

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